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As London’s leading independent and award-winning property search and acquisition consultancy, as well as helping you find the right property for you, we’re here to share our knowledge and insight.

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Market Update

We produce a monthly review of the London property market and have done since we started in 2007. With over 5000 recipients (and growing) our updates provide valuable insights into the latest trends and data shaping the market and have become essential reading for anyone considering a property purchase.

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Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and insight into the property market and find out how you can capitalise on market conditions and come out on top of your next property sale, purchase or buy-to-let, as we deep dive into specific topics and reveal opportunities in the property market through our detailed special reports.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Listen to podcasts featuring the Managing Partner and founder of Black Brick Property Solutions LLP, Camilla Dell. As a respected property market expert with close to 20 years of expertise and insight in the property industry, Camilla regularly contributes to webinars and podcasts, including the FT weekend festival and client events for various leading private banks.

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Finding Perfect Property Episode 11: Survey Savvy: The vital role of Property Surveys with Peter Bird

In our eleventh episode, host Camilla Dell chats to Peter Bird, co-founder of Bird Charles Chartered Surveyors and Valuers about the importance of getting a survey before buying a property.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 10 – A Decade of Deals: Celebrating 10 Years of Real Estate with MTG

In our tenth episode, hosts Camilla Dell and Caspar Harvard-Walls will be speaking to Sarah Conway, partner and Head of Real Estate at private client law firm Maurice Turnor Gardner (MTG) and Edward Burton, partner within the real estate team at MTG.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 9 – Prime Pursuits: Behind the scenes of London’s Super Prime Property Development with Jon O’Brien

In our ninth episode, host Camilla Dell will be speaking to super prime luxury property developer, Jon O’Brien Founder of Domvs. Jon established Domvs in 2002 and has created some of the most prestigious Ultra-Prime homes in the world.