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Just you. Just us. Just the property.

The only relationships that truly work are those based on trust. Neither owned by, nor a part of any estate agent or financial institution, it’s just you we answer to.

For this reason, the whole process of building and demonstrating this trust starts with you. Understanding your requirements, your objectives and you and your family’s circumstances.

We don’t stop until we have a detailed picture of your dream. Only then are we in the position to achieve this dream – and match this with more practical issues. Infrastructure, transport links, amenities and schooling. Lifestyle and day-to-day living requirements.

We stop at nothing to find that perfect property in the most trouble-free, efficient way possible. Meeting at a place convenient to you. Always on call to respond quickly and effectively to unexpected developments. Ready with unbiased and truly objective advice to help you make a confident decision.

To acquire your perfect property on the most attractive terms possible…

We start by building a real understanding of your objectives

We identify the best properties at the right price. To save time, you will have no wasted viewings

We have the advantage of finding you properties often before they are offered on the open market

We preview and shortlist suitable properties. We then accompany you on chauffeur-driven property tours

We demonstrate our unequalled negotiating skills to secure the property at the best possible price and on the most favourable terms

We manage the legal process throughout to ensure the purchase holds together from sourcing, to handing over of the keys

We can help you access a range of property-related additional services after completion, including investing services, managed sales, property management, rental search and a vacant property care service

We don’t stop here. Our extensive network of industry contacts includes some of London’s top firms. If you require help with your new property, we can introduce you to the best in the business

We are the only property buying agency of our kind that provides a complimentary concierge service to ensure a smooth and hassle-free move

We keep in touch. Every six months we update you on the property market in the area where you bought so you can see how the property is performing and make an informed decision on when is the best time to sell.

Here are the answers to the questions that we’re often asked about how we work…

How do buying agents get paid?

We get paid by you, the buyer, our client. We never accept or take fees from any other party so you can be sure we are always acting in your best interests and with complete integrity.

Is your service confidential? Will my name be disclosed to anyone?

Information on our clients is always treated with the utmost confidentiality and is never divulged to third parties unless we are required to do so by law.

How long will it take you to source a property for me?

On average, it takes us 8 weeks from signing a new client through to exchanging contracts on a property. Of course, searches can take anything from a few days through to 6 months or more. But we have been known to have found a property for a client within 24 hours!

What happens if you are unable to source a property for me, after say, six months?

It is highly unlikely that we won’t find you a suitable property within a 6 month period. But in the rare event this happens, we may charge you for our time and expenses incurred to that point. When we do find you a property that amount will be deducted from your final invoice.

Which areas should I consider for my buy to let investment?

The Black Brick team have over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in the London property market. Armed with your requirements and budget we will guide and advise you on the most suitable areas that meet with your investment criteria. We will also achieve the best rental yield and stand the best chance of capital appreciation.

Can you source properties that I cannot source myself?

Yes, we can. Black Brick have an enormous database of contacts whom we speak to – every day. These include property developers; private individuals who wish to sell privately and not through estate agents; solicitors dealing with probate sales, distressed sales and fund disposals; bankers who deal with their clients’ property dealings and even concierges in prestigious blocks who know of an occupiers wish to sell before they contact agents. We are also offered property long before it hits the open market by estate agents. Many sales in central London occur without ever reaching the open market. In 2021, we saved our clients on average 3.6% from asking prices and 42% of properties we acquired were not openly advertised.

I want to move out of London but I am not sure where to. Can you help?

Our country experts can help you decide where to consider moving to, based on your lifestyle choices. We will lend a guiding hand directing you to the areas which will be most suitable.

I am looking at schools for my children. Can you help?

We work regularly with clients who are buying a property in the UK as they plan to send their children to school here. For this reason, we are highly experienced in sourcing properties close to popular schools. We are also able to recommend independent school advisors to help clients decide which school is right for them.

I am thinking of buying a property that is run down and then doing works to it. Is this an area that Black Brick can assist me with?

Yes. We make sure that clients wanting to do work to a property have a detailed understanding of the cost implications before making an offer. The cost of work, timeframe and planning requirements all need to be carefully understood before buying. We work with leading architects, contractors, project managers and planning consultants to assist clients that are thinking of buying a property that requires work.

I am thinking of buying an investment/buy to let property. Does Black Brick provide management services?

 We have a dedicated in-house Property Management Service to assist clients in the running of their investment properties. We take care of everything from sourcing the right tenant, checking references, ensuring legal requirements are met, acting as the tenants main point of contact, regular inspections and dealing with maintenance issues.

I want to buy a second home/holiday home in London. Does Black Brick have a service to help me manage my property while I am away?

Unique to us, we are extremely proud of our Vacant Care Service, dedicated to assisting clients who own a home in London, but spend time away from it. Our Vacant Care Service is pure peace of mind and includes regular weekly inspections to ensure you meet with your insurance obligations, dealing with maintenance issues, paying bills and invoices and ensuring your property is cleaned and ready for your return.

“We didn’t have a clue how to buy a house. All we heard were horror stories and friends feeling overwhelmed and disappointed by their experience. No one ever told us it was easy and great when they bought their home. I asked a friend who just bought a house what he would have done differently and he said ‘I wish I used Black Brick’. It was the best decision we could have made. Tom and Camilla are experts who had our backs throughout the entire process and made it seamless – not just the transaction but all the parts of the puzzle. We had very specific requirements and Tom spent time making sure we were aligned. They saved us a ton of time, money and we learned so much under their guidance. It was also easy and great.”

Our Team

“By harnessing the team’s experience, we have a greater chance of finding our clients the right property more efficiently than smaller firms”

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