Buying a country house requires time and expertise. It can be complicated and might be one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions you ever make. Whether you're in search of a rural retreat, a coastal haven, a country estate, or an investment opportunity, our highly experienced country buying agents can open doors that seem closed and ensure that your interests come first.

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Bedruthan Steps panorama on summer day in Cornwall, England


With its crisp, invigorating air, stunning beaches lapped by clear waters, and expansive National Parks offering rugged wilderness walks, Cornwall beckons with its unique allure. Renowned for its dramatic coastline, sandy shores, and sprawling moorlands, Cornwall embodies the essence of coastal living, drawing in residents and visitors alike to its enchanting landscapes.


Coast and Country living: fresh air, amazing beaches with clear water, National Parks, and wilderness walks. Devon, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and idyllic charm, boasts the longest coastline of any county in the UK, offering residents and visitors alike unparalleled opportunities to immerse themselves in its natural splendor.

bath village somerset


Nestled amidst rolling hills and picturesque countryside, Somerset offers a delightful blend of country charm and coastal allure. From its tranquil rural landscapes to its stunning coastline and historic landmarks, Somerset boasts an array of attractions waiting to be explored. With its serene atmosphere, diverse wildlife, and quaint villages, Somerset beckons those seeking a peaceful escape amidst nature’s beauty.


A tranquil haven on England’s south coast, Dorset captivates with its rugged coastline, sweeping countryside, and historic charm. From the iconic Jurassic Coast, to quaint villages and bustling market towns, Dorset offers a blend of natural beauty and cultural treasures.

surrey countryside landscape view


Known for its lush greenery, historic landmarks, and affluent communities, Surrey offers a picturesque setting for both residents and visitors. From the rolling hills of the North Downs to the serene beauty of its woodlands and parks, Surrey boasts a diverse landscape that caters to outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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Case Study: Country Mansion

Our client was looking to purchase a country estate. He had very specific requirements in that the property had to be located no more than an hour or 90 minute drive from Central London, the estate had to be private, ideally with space to keep horses, and the main house needed to be in excellent condition and not red brick.