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“Many buyers often mistakenly think that the estate agent is working for them – it is an easy mistake to make. But buyer beware; estate agents work for the seller, not you, and you can easily end up making a mistake without seeking specialist advice”

A London property broker that does what others don’t

In the UK, estate agents act on behalf of the seller. As a buyer’s broker, we act exclusively on your behalf. Everything goes your way. Impartial advice – in black and white. This way there’s no mistaking whether or not you’re getting the best deal, or making a sound investment.

Welcome To The Finding Perfect Property Podcast

Diary of a Buying Agent

Since 2007 Black Brick has helped more than 500 people buy more than £1 billion of property. In our brand new podcast, we will be sharing our insights into how to buy the right property, whether you are a first time buyer, a family home hunter, or an investor.

Finding Perfect Property takes a deep dive into buying property – the pitfalls, the challenges, and how to get it right.

Every episode is packed with must-know top tips and is sure to become essential listening for anyone trying to find their perfect property.

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Finding Perfect Property 4 – Back to School

In our fourth episode, host Camilla Dell will be speaking to Richard Northey, Managing Director of The Education Consultancy, one of the UK’s leading education consultancy companies.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 3 – Trading Currencies with Simon Harvey & Daniel Jack from Monex Europe

In our third episode, host Camilla Dell speaks to Simon Harvey, Head of FX Analysis at Monex Europe and Daniel Jack, one of Monex Europe’s finest traders. Many overseas buyers of UK property aren’t just looking at the property market. Currency plays a huge role in investment decisions.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 2 – Hot Off The Press with Anne Ashworth From The Times

Our guest this month is none other than property journalist extraordinaire, and ‘legend of The Times’, Anne Ashworth. Having graced our screens, print publications and radio for over 30 years, Anne’s experience in the London property sector is second to none, expertly delving into all things prime property and investment.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 1 – Financing Your New Home with Katherine O’Shea From Coutts

In our first, inaugural episode, we’ll be talking all things property finance, one of the most critical factors buyers need to be able to buy property successfully. Camilla Dell will be talking to Katherine O’Shea, Director of Strategic Solutions at Coutts about the vital thing’s buyers need to know before buying – and mostly importantly, what buyers can expect in the current market.

We come highly recommended.

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Finding Perfect Property 4 – Back to School

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There’s a reason that education is always a big feature of the The Sunday Times Best Places to Live guides. Choosing the perfect school may not be a guarantee of future happiness but any parent who finds themselves living in an area with few good options will be all too aware of the stress that can cause.

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September 2022

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics After a long hot summer, the likes of which has not been seen since 1976, the mercury is finally starting to fall as autumn approaches. As parents panic buy school uniform, holiday suitcases are stored back in the loft, and Britain wonders whether it will be Liz Truss or Rishi […]

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Investing in London real estate with Caspar Harvard-Walls by Serious Coin

There’s no rule book for wealth. Coming into money can bring life changes, new opportunities, more complexity and mixed emotions.

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As a team, we have combined over 100 years’ experience in the Prime Central London property market, and have successfully acquired in excess of £1 billion of properties for our clients.