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Independent, personal and confidential. Our exclusive, award-winning UK buying agency service finds and secures properties for private individuals, family offices, trusts and property investors.

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We’re award winning.

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“Many buyers often mistakenly think that the estate agent is working for them – it is an easy mistake to make. But buyer beware; estate agents work for the seller, not you, and you can easily end up making a mistake without seeking specialist advice”

A London property broker that does what others don’t

In the UK, estate agents act on behalf of the seller. As a buyer’s broker, we act exclusively on your behalf. Everything goes your way. Impartial advice – in black and white. This way there’s no mistaking whether or not you’re getting the best deal, or making a sound investment.

Welcome To The Finding Perfect Property Podcast

Diary of a Buying Agent

Since 2007 Black Brick has helped more than 500 people buy more than £1 billion of property. In our brand new podcast, we will be sharing our insights into how to buy the right property, whether you are a first time buyer, a family home hunter, or an investor.

Finding Perfect Property takes a deep dive into buying property – the pitfalls, the challenges, and how to get it right.

Every episode is packed with must-know top tips and is sure to become essential listening for anyone trying to find their perfect property.

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Finding Perfect Property Episode 7 – Property Tax 101 with BDO’s Ben Handley

Our new podcast episode is out, featuring special guest, Ben Handley. Ben is the Tax Partner at @BDO, one of the world’s largest accounting and consultancy firms. He helps clients navigate the tax implications of purchasing UK property, ensuring there are no potential pitfalls.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 6 – Renovate, Refurbish, Restore – the inside track to getting it right

In our sixth episode, host Camilla Dell will be speaking to Sandy Mitchell, Founding Director of Red Book Agency.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 5 – A Special Relationship; the lure of the UK from across the pond

With the pound at historic lows, are we about to see a deluge of US buyers coming to the UK? Is the relationship still as special as it once was or do they think we’ve all gone mad post Brexit?

Finding Perfect Property 4 – Back to School

In our fourth episode, host Camilla Dell will be speaking to Richard Northey, Managing Director of The Education Consultancy, one of the UK’s leading education consultancy companies.

We come highly recommended.

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Finding Perfect Property Episode 7 – Property Tax 101 with BDO’s Ben Handley

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How wealthy foreigners are using the weak pound to snap up London homes

Wealthy foreign buyers are snapping up London’s most expensive homes in cash, tempted by a cooling property market and weak pound.

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February 2023

Hope Springs Eternal When rumours that he had passed away brought reporters to the doorstep of American writer Mark Twain his response was brief and to the point. “The report of my death was an exaggeration,” he said. The author of the Adventures of Tom Sawyer comes to mind when considering the current state of […]

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Investing in London real estate with Caspar Harvard-Walls by Serious Coin

There’s no rule book for wealth. Coming into money can bring life changes, new opportunities, more complexity and mixed emotions.

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As a team, we have combined over 100 years’ experience in the Prime Central London property market, and have successfully acquired in excess of £1 billion of properties for our clients.