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News & Press Releases

Want to view luxury properties or simply figuring out whether you should renovate your garage? From insights into the budget and stamp duty to advice on renovating your home and everything in-between, our news and press releases provide you with the knowledge you need when buying or selling your property.

Market Update

Our monthly market updates equip you with the information you need when searching for a property, covering topics such as the seasonality and trends in the property market, events, which characteristics to look out for in your next property, and our ‘Acquisition of the Month’ and ‘Managed Sale of the Month’ features.


Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and insight into the property market and find out how you can capitalise on market conditions and come out on top of your next property sale, purchase or buy-to-let, as we deep dive into specific topics and reveal opportunities in the property market through our detailed special reports.

Webinars & Podcasts

Listen to podcasts featuring the Managing Partner and founder of Black Brick Property Solutions LLP, Camilla Dell. As a respected property market expert with close to 20 years of expertise and insight in the property industry, Camilla regularly contributes to webinars and podcasts, including the FT weekend festival and client events for Coutts Private Bank.