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As London’s leading independent and award-winning property search and acquisition consultancy, as well as helping you find the right property for you, we’re here to share our knowledge and insight.

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The Black Brick team has a wealth of experience in the London property sector acquired over many years and spanning all kinds of different markets. As a result our expert views, insights and predictions of the latest property trends are often sought by the press and broadcast media looking for independent, informed and insightful opinion.

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Market Update

We produce a monthly review of the London property market and have done since we started in 2007. With over 5000 recipients (and growing) our updates provide valuable insights into the latest trends and data shaping the market and have become essential reading for anyone considering a property purchase.

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Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and insight into the property market and find out how you can capitalise on market conditions and come out on top of your next property sale, purchase or buy-to-let, as we deep dive into specific topics and reveal opportunities in the property market through our detailed special reports.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Listen to podcasts featuring the Managing Partner and founder of Black Brick Property Solutions LLP, Camilla Dell. As a respected property market expert with close to 20 years of expertise and insight in the property industry, Camilla regularly contributes to webinars and podcasts, including the FT weekend festival and client events for various leading private banks.

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Finding Perfect Property Episode 16: Love, Property and Legal Affairs: Navigating the Maze of Matrimonial Law with Melissa Lesson

Join us for an insightful conversation with Melissa Lesson, barrister and Partner at Mishcon de Reya as we delve into the intricate world of divorce and property division. In this episode, Melissa shares her journey in becoming a matrimonial lawyer and discusses common misconceptions about divorce and matrimonial law. We explore the complexities that arise when significant property and asset holdings are involved in the divorce process in multiple jurisdictions, and gain valuable insights on legal considerations, strategies, and emerging trends in this field. Whether you’re navigating a divorce with property investments or simply interested in understanding the intersection of love, property, and legal affairs, this episode is a must-listen.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 15: Taxing Times: Decoding the Impact of a Labour Win on London’s Residential Property Market in 2024

Happy new Year! We are delighted to be in our 2nd year of hosting Finding Perfect Property and what better way to start the new year than with a topic which everyone loves to hate – tax. Camilla chats to Nimesh Shah, CEO of Blick Rothenburg, a leading tax, accounting, and business advisory firm, and “stamp duty guru” Sean Randall, a tax partner at Blick Rothenberg with 20 years’ “Big Four” stamp duty experience.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 14: Secure Living: Insights from Knight Protection’s COO

In our 14th episode, host Camilla Dell chats to Charlie Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at Knight Protection, specialists in protecting Private Clients in their homes, their place of work and while travelling.

The Permanent Wealth Webinar with Caspar Harvard-Walls of London’s Black Brick – Property Consultants and Buying Agents

Our discussion covers: The role of a residential buying agent as a relatively new service; an update on the London residential market generally; how the fast and significant rise in interest rates in the last twelve months has impacted buyers and what tactics are being deployed; what the main considerations are for mid-career professionals; and a bit of outlook for the near term – not surprisingly, Caspar is a great advocate for living in London!