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As London’s leading independent and award-winning property search and acquisition consultancy, as well as helping you find the right property for you, we’re here to share our knowledge and insight.

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The Black Brick team has a wealth of experience in the London property sector acquired over many years and spanning all kinds of different markets. As a result our expert views, insights and predictions of the latest property trends are often sought by the press and broadcast media looking for independent, informed and insightful opinion.

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Market Update

We produce a monthly review of the London property market and have done since we started in 2007. With over 5000 recipients (and growing) our updates provide valuable insights into the latest trends and data shaping the market and have become essential reading for anyone considering a property purchase.

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Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and insight into the property market and find out how you can capitalise on market conditions and come out on top of your next property sale, purchase or buy-to-let, as we deep dive into specific topics and reveal opportunities in the property market through our detailed special reports.

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Webinars & Podcasts

Listen to podcasts featuring the Managing Partner and founder of Black Brick Property Solutions LLP, Camilla Dell. As a respected property market expert with close to 20 years of expertise and insight in the property industry, Camilla regularly contributes to webinars and podcasts, including the FT weekend festival and client events for various leading private banks.

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Finding Perfect Property Episode 5 – A Special Relationship; the lure of the UK from across the pond

With the pound at historic lows, are we about to see a deluge of US buyers coming to the UK? Is the relationship still as special as it once was or do they think we’ve all gone mad post Brexit?

Finding Perfect Property 4 – Back to School

In our fourth episode, host Camilla Dell will be speaking to Richard Northey, Managing Director of The Education Consultancy, one of the UK’s leading education consultancy companies.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 3 – Trading Currencies with Simon Harvey & Daniel Jack from Monex Europe

In our third episode, host Camilla Dell speaks to Simon Harvey, Head of FX Analysis at Monex Europe and Daniel Jack, one of Monex Europe’s finest traders. Many overseas buyers of UK property aren’t just looking at the property market. Currency plays a huge role in investment decisions.

Finding Perfect Property Episode 2 – Hot Off The Press with Anne Ashworth From The Times

Our guest this month is none other than property journalist extraordinaire, and ‘legend of The Times’, Anne Ashworth. Having graced our screens, print publications and radio for over 30 years, Anne’s experience in the London property sector is second to none, expertly delving into all things prime property and investment.