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Being a private landlord may have its advantages. But managing a property overseas also has its downsides. Our property management service lets you enjoy the benefits of your rental investment without having to shoulder the demands that come with it.

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Property Management London and beyond

Trustees or company directors with responsibility for London properties need reassurance that property assets under their control are being properly cared for. Offshore landlords need peace of mind, in the secure knowledge that their investments are being looked after.

Our highly-experienced Property Management Service is tailored to meet the needs of trustees and offshore landlords. From finding high-quality tenants through to managing repairs and upkeep, we can help ensure your property investment keeps performing.

Our in-depth knowledge of the London rental market, our access to a wide range of tradesmen capable of meeting every possible maintenance need – and our wide range of reporting options – is able to suit any property requirement. Our Property Management Service provides a strong foundation for a successful rental investment.

The advantages of our Property Management Service include your very own Property Manager who will be responsible for:

Valuing and letting the property.

Valuing and letting the property, using the most appropriate letting agents to value and market the property, referenced against our own independent research.

Providing refurbishment advice.

Providing refurbishment advice, where needed, on how to furnish or refurbish the property to achieve the maximum rental value, and managing any work required.


Negotiating with prospective tenants, and checking references once an acceptable offer has been received.

Tenant liaison.

Tenant liaison, acting as a single point of contact for all tenants’ queries throughout the tenancy.

Ensuring legal compliance, ensuring that landlords understand and meet constantly evolving legal and regulatory requirements

Managing payments.

Managing payments of regular outgoings such as service charges.

Co-ordinating repairs and maintenance.

Co-ordinating repairs and maintenance using our extensive network of competitively priced and trusted contractors.


Reporting on at least a quarterly basis with details of any expenditure and other relevant information.


Carrying out bi-annual inspections of your property.

Tenant handovers.

Managing tenant handovers, including ensuring utilities are transferred, to ensure a smooth process for incoming and outgoing tenants.

The list could go on. Efficient management increases the appeal of a rental property to high quality tenants, while maintaining the fabric of the property protects its value. Our Property Management Service is designed to ensure your property is effectively managed, and the tenancy runs smoothly, from beginning to end no matter where you are based.

“We would like to thank Black Brick property management for their excellent and attentive service in renting and managing all aspects of our property in Sloane Avenue mansions. The superb advisory service we received from Black Brick allowed us to secure the property we wanted while we were overseas, and this encouraged us to have Black brick manage our property.”

“Sophie Amasha has and continues to do a phenomenal job in managing our property, from taking care of refurbishing and furnishing the flat to securing tenants with the best rental terms in the London. As foreign buyers, we have limited knowledge and capability in managing our own property and Black Brick’s great property management team gives us both mental and financial peace of mind. We highly recommend Black Brick, a very professional company with a great team.”


Here are the answers to the questions that we’re often asked about property management…

What is the purpose of property management?

A property management company manages the rental property and tenants so the landlord does not have to.

Black Brick provides its clients with a dedicated property manager, who negotiates with prospective tenants and arranges the tenant handover, inspects the property, coordinates maintenance, and liaises with the renter on any issues that arise throughout their tenancy.

Landlords use a property manager to be sure that their property and tenants are looked after, when they are unable or uninterested in doing so themselves.

What are the benefits of using a property management company?

A property management company handles the logistics of a rental property on behalf of the landlord.

Black Brick’s dedicated property managers have an in-depth knowledge of the London rental market, access to a network of trusted and cost-efficient contractors, and offer a range of bespoke services that can be tailored to the needs of the landlord and the property.

Property management services are valuable for overseas owners, trustees who are responsible for London properties, inexperienced landlords who want to manage their property efficiently, and any investor who would like to enjoy the benefits of their rental property without the time and stress.

What’s included in property management?

Black Brick’s property managers will organise the valuation and letting of the property, providing advice on refurbishments to maximise its value and managing any work required before the property can be let. They will then negotiate with prospective tenants, check references and arrange tenant handovers.

They will act as the first point of call for renters throughout their tenancy, coordinate repairs and maintenance through a network of reliable contractors, and ensure the property is compliant with the tenancy agreement and insurance providers. They will also conduct inspections and report regularly to the landlord.

With property management, a landlord can be sure their property is running efficiently and their tenants are looked after.

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For more information on our Property Management Service, please email our Property Manager, Sophie Amasha, or call her on +44 (0) 20 3141 9863 / +44 (0) 7713 568 291.