Date Sourced

October 2020

York Avenue

Sheen, SW14

The Challenge

Our British Clients already owned a house in London but decided that they wanted a larger property with more lateral space and to be closer to Richmond Park in order to walk their two dogs. Their budget was up to a maximum of £3,500,000. The market for large family houses in close proximity to parks has always been competitive but the Covid pandemic has only increased the demand for this type of property.

The Perfect Conclusion

The search started in February when the sales market was seeing a significant rebound as a result of the Conservative Party win in the General Election and more certainty over Brexit. We identified a number of interesting options but the lockdown in March meant that the search went on hold and resumed in September when the market was perhaps even more competitive than it had been earlier in the year. We identified a house in Sheen which had been recently refurbished and offered not only exceptional lateral space but also was located less than a 10 minute walk from a gate into Richmond Park. The house was 3700 square foot with an asking price of £3,300,000 equivalent to £891 per square foot. We were able to agree a price of £3,150,000 ( £851 per square foot) but crucially the terms of our offer specified that no further viewings were to take place and that our clients were to be given a period of exclusivity so that they could undertake their due diligence without the threat of another buyer coming forward.   


The Unfair Advantage

We know how to secure a deal. Our years of experience means that even in competitive markets we are able to ensure that when the right property is found, our clients have the time to transact without the pressure of having other buyers compete with them.



We’re ready when you are


We’re ready when you are

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We come highly recommended.