Singular Aspirations

9 February 2008, Financial Times

“Women are now arguably being paid as much as or more than men in the professional world. Successful female bankers, hedge fund managers and saleswomen – particularly women in property – are creating a new single woman status, “says Camilla Dell of London based Black Brick Property Solutions a home search firm. She first noticed single women making their mark on the market about five years ago and says that increasingly they are looking for the “same things as men – a cool pad with space where they can entertain their friends and have dinner parties.” Why? The answer is simple. “Women are staying single for longer and are empowered to buy on their own and own the ultimate female bachelor pad”. Says Dell

Dell agrees that security is definitely more of a female issue. “We don’t often get men asking about it.” She says “Women are more likely to want to be in the centre (of town) and somewhere that feels like a safe location and they are led a lot by friends. They are also more likely to want to be on the second or third floor.”

Where women do tend to be different from men is in the emotional attachments they form with their homes, both in terms of work and investment “Women are not afraid to buy properties in need of work,” says Dell. “if a property is in need of a little light refurbishment, women are much more likely to take this on and see it as a way of making their mark on a property than men, who are more inclined to buy a finished product that they move straight into.”

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