Limesford Road


Our Client

English and Australian clients

The Challenge

Our English and Australian clients with a growing family were looking to upsize from their two bedroom flat in Maida Vale to a five bedroom family house in South East London, closer to family living in Kent. They wanted to find a period house with good living space, close to amenities, and to maintain their existing 45 minute commute to The City. Being five months pregnant, our client was keen to have moved in before child number three was born.

The Perfect Conclusion

Not knowing much about South East London themselves, we introduced and educated them on the various pockets, the properties which exist there and the prices being achieved for different types of property. Together we were able to narrow the search area down until they had complete and utter confidence that Limesford Road was the perfect house for them. Despite competition from another bidder, we were able to secure the property for the clients for £1.1m (£557 per square foot) – £30,000 less than the asking price.